Corkscrew Blend™: Medium Blend

Product image 1Corkscrew Blend™: Medium Blend
Product image 2Corkscrew Blend™: Medium Blend

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Roast Level - Perfect Medium 

Our home church, Laguna Seca, has a 5 1/2 story drop that spits out strangers and plastic fairings like an old saloon does riff-raff; it's called The Corkscrew. And if you think just any ol' store-bought roasted beans can help you focus and tame Laguna Seca's infamous blind apex drop, well then, 'not-so-fast'! You will need every drop of our most potent and tasty track fuel, the Corkscrew Blend. This is a medium blend that makes some ' go plaid', and pins all throttle stops regularly.

A great blend with three waves of nuanced flavors that stay with the medium roast tones of light chocolate but with a buttery caramel oak tail that fades softly on the palate just right.

*Warning: If you have a second cup please make sure you bleed your brakes in advance!

  • Grade AA
  • Fair Trade Organic
  • Whole Bean
  • 12oz.
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