Fall's New Coffee Sampler is Here! ☕ [x4 - 12oz]

Product image 1Fall's New Coffee Sampler is Here! ☕ [x4 - 12oz]
Product image 2Fall's New Coffee Sampler is Here! ☕ [x4 - 12oz]
Product image 3Fall's New Coffee Sampler is Here! ☕ [x4 - 12oz]
Product image 4Fall's New Coffee Sampler is Here! ☕ [x4 - 12oz]
Product image 5Fall's New Coffee Sampler is Here! ☕ [x4 - 12oz]

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Fall's New Coffee Sampler is Here! ☕


4 Autmn Special Roasted hand select coffee for *35% off! [Ltd Time]

Just landed to our California shores to kick off our Fall & best seasonal coffee experience our all-new arrival collection of small farm roasts carefully crafted WMC's custom R-T-O sampler pack where we roast to perfection to the specific preference you select below: espresso, dark, medium, or light roast.

These beans are Roast-To-Order 'same-day' to your preferred roast from the following countries & limited bean selections depending on roast profile type Master Roaster selects best to suit you out of the following beans:

  • Bali Organic Blue Moon [ESP]
  • Guatemala La Flor del Cafe Antigua [ALL]
  • Peru Nuevo Cajamarca Chirinos [MED.DRK]
  • Chiapas Rancho San Francisco [ALL]
  • Vietnam Robusta [DRK.ESP]
  • Columbia Sierra Nevada FTO [DRK]
  • Sumatra Grade AA [DRK.ESP]
  • Sumatra Kerinci [ALL]
  • Kenya Kiandu AA [ALL]
  • Qty. 4
  • 12 oz. bags
  • Organic
  • FTO


Roast Select Legend

[ESP] = Espresso Roast

[DRK] = Dark Roast

[MED] = Medium Roast

[ALL] = Suits all profiles

[LGT] = Light Roast


Master Roaster Notes: Nothing beats Roast-To-Order small farm organic coffee and it's outstanding freshness to cup! And we are very excited to offer these new beans as WMC grows our resources to extraordinary farms and beans. Our new 2022 small farm global partnerships have gratefully given some absolutely incredible AA Organic quality beans from all over the world. These are some of the best-tasting coffees we have ever experienced and we hope you take this opportunity to try our new custom roasting offering. Enjoy!

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